The Quilter’s Bucket List

Anyone who has been quilting for a while has a list of quilts they want to make.  They may even have several in progress!  I have my own list, my Quilter’s Bucket List.  These are the quilts I want to make, at some point, in my quilting career.  I also include which stage I am at in the process (idea, pattern, stash, cutting, piecing, quilting).  The quilts below are the works of others and are great inspiration.

1. A Lone Star  – I am in the Stash stage, 17 yards of it!

2. Grandmother’s Flower Garden – I am in the Piecing stage.  And as soon as I can find the box I have all the pieces in, I might finish.

Image result for grandmother's flower garden quilt

3. A Postage Stamp Quilt, a quilt made with 1 1/2″ squares and no two fabrics the same. I am in the Stash stage.  I am VERY certain I have enough scraps to make several king size quilts, just saying.

Image result for postage stamp quilt

4. A Double Wedding Ring – I have the templates so that is the Idea Stage

Image result for double wedding ring quilt

5.  A Jinny Beyer quilt. She is my color mentor and I just love her stuff. Check out her website. Jinny Beyer

So what is on your Quilter’s Bucket List?  Post your comments below.


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4 thoughts on “The Quilter’s Bucket List

  1. My bucket list includes Winter Critters Kit (purchased), Oregon Landscaped Lighthouses using Hot Ribbon Applique (have pattern book, fabric and tools), and Fall Leaves (it’s been so long since I started building the stash for it that I’ve forgotten which magazine I saw it in, have backing and some notions). I, too, am inspired by Jinny Beyer’s quilts…maybe someday, I’ll be able to fit it into my bucket list…just a dream for now.

  2. what a great idea, a quilters buck list!! The star is at the top of mine as well. I will have to share Larry’s Tie Quilt when I finally get it finished!

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