Quilting With Triangles Webinar

I want to tell you about my webinars or web seminars.  For those of you new to web seminars, it is a class you take via your computer.  I create a series of pictures and slides and provide a lecture to follow along with the images. If you attend the live webinar, you can submit your questions and I will answer it during the webinar or in a private follow-up letter. But after you download the class onto your computer, you have it as a reference forever.  In case you ever forgot something you heard in a class, not that I EVER have, you can go back and watch it again.

So last year, I hosted a webinar on curved piecing.  It was attended by about 150 people. Nice.

Promo Icon  You can watch the webinar on-demand here Making Curved Piecing Easy.

In February, I hosted a webinar on my binding technique.  It was attended by about 500 people. Very nice.

Promo Icon You can watch this webinar on-demand here Machine Quilt Binding.

In March, I hosted a free webinar on beginning quilting.  It was attended by over 1000 people.  Very, must-be-doing-something-right nice!

Beginner Webinar  Um, sorry, you can’t watch this because I don’t have a current link for this webinar.

In May, on Tuesday the 19th at 11:00 MST, I am hosting my next webinar, Quilting with Triangles.  11 people have already signed up today! I have no idea how many will attend this webinar but I can’t wait to find out.

Promo Icon You can register for this webinar Quilting with Triangles.

If you have attended one of my webinars, consider posting a review.  People use the advice of others to help them decide if something is worth doing.  Your input would be much appreciated!

If you haven’t attended one of my webinars, jump right in!  I would love to “see” you there.

Have a subject you want to see a webinar on?  Post your suggestions and ideas in the comment section.

That is all for now.  Thanks for reading this blog.

Hope to see you soon,


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Kate Colleran and Her New Book – Smash Your Precut Stash

I’ve got precuts!  Yes, I do!  I’ve got precuts!  How about you?

If you are a quilter, I am sure you have somewhere a stack of precuts you just love but are not sure how to use.  Have no fear!  My friend, Kate Colleran and a new book – Smash Your Precut Stash can help you out.

Kate Colleran Book

I recently had the chance to enjoy lunch with Kate and she is wonderful.  Funny, creative, smart and her book is no different.  Hustle over to her blog are a chance to win her book. Kate Colleran’s Blog



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Two New Quilt Patterns for Sale

This week, two of my new patterns are available!

The first is “Flowers In The Window”.  This wall hanging appeared on Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting Facebook page in March.  I received so many positive comments about it, that I wrote the pattern.

Flowers in the Window

Flowers In The Window

Now, it took me 4 weeks to write this pattern and it is 22 pages long!  It is “a teaching pattern” meaning that it is like you and I are sitting side by side making this together.  It is the closest thing to taking a private lesson with me. In it, I also tell about how I work with color.

Color Key B

My Color Key

If you have any reservations or confusion when it comes to selecting fabrics, (And I know some of you do because I hear it all the time!) this is a great project to increase your understanding and confidence. You can purchase it directly from the pattern page on my website, Jenny Kae Quilts.

The other pattern, Cuddly Kid, was published in Quilter’s Newsletter’s Best Kids Quilts 2015.  You can purchase the magazine in stores or from Quilter’s Newsletter Cuddle Kid. 


Cuddle Kid

This quilt features Cuddle pre-cuts, is easy to make and super soft.  It is shown in two color ways and kits are available.

QN Cuddly Kid cover

Quilter’s Newsletter Best Kids Quilts – Cuddle Kid

QN Cuddly Kid

Inside the magazine – Cuddle Kid

That’s all for now.  I would love to hear your thoughts, questions and suggestions in the comment section below.



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