I’ve Got your Backstage Pass, Baby!

Last week on my live stream on Facebook, my topic was all about cutting. I talked on typical equipment issues you can have with the blade, the ruler, the mat and the table.  I also shared about issues related to operator error (Who me? Never!) and how you can do a better job with every cut. Click here to watch the whole video.

Live Rotary Cutting

On Wednesday, June 28th, I will be “semi-live”.  I am filming myself and will broadcast at the usual time 6pm MDT.  And we are going BACKSTAGE, baby!  Woo hoo!


Join me Wednesday to watch and chime in with your questions.


Remember to watch, like subscribe and share!

See you there,


P.S. Did you get your free pattern yet? Visit my website to find out how!




One thought on “I’ve Got your Backstage Pass, Baby!

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