Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Road Rally! Toot! Toot!

Welcome to your next stop on Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Road Rally Blog Tour.  Vrooooom!

Before we get to the block and a give-away, I have to tell you a funny story.  A few years ago, we were shopping for our first new car, a Mustang! (I love muscle cars!)  The salesman sat behind the wheel, giving me a tour of the car’s features.

“Now, if you look here, and go to this interface (because cars have interfaces now!)  and select Lighting, you can change the interior lighting colors.”

I blinked rapidly and my mouth dropped open as he scrolled through colors like Ice Blue, Emerald, Hot Pink, Deep Purple, finally selecting Orange.  I had NO idea such options could exist!

“Now, if you want…”. He kept talking but I could not hear him over the angles singing in my ears.  “Stop!” I said with tears in my eyes. “Just stop!  You had me at color.  You had me at color.”

Mustang Drive

On an afternoon drive with the Mustang.

It took actual facts and stats to convince my husband but we bought my dream car.  But this illustrates my passion for COLOR! (It also illustrates how much I love blue.) Ain’t it lovely? Sigh.

Mustang Comes Home

The Color-changing Mustang comes home.

This brings me to the block, which I LOVE because I love COLOR!

20170201_122818 (2)

This block (#1545 on page 31) is made with ONE 2-1/2″ precut of Maywood Studio’s Ombre Gelato fabric collection and solid black.  It makes my heart flutter.

Another funny story.  I went into an LQS to buy a 6″ ruler, JUST the ruler.  I saw this entire fabric collection on the shelf…and left with TWO 2-1/2″ rolls, at least 3 yards and fat quarters for the whole shebang.  I could NOT help myself!  Embarrassing. Can you relate? #colorcukoo


Maywood Studios Gelato Ombre Fabric. This is half of what I brought home…

When I designed a block for Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks issue (which in my mind is a “must have and keep forever” quilter’s resource), I wanted something that would be eye-catching and keep with my style. I also wanted to show the ombre color flow of the fabric.  I love the end result.

I auditioned a couple different colorways and had my tribe vote on which one to submit.  Which do you like better, A or B?

A or B

Which do you like better? Did I make the right choice?

I am planning to make a quilt with several blocks.  Here is the start.  Very excited!  What do you think about the grey sashing and cornerstones?

Ombre Audition

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE color?

I used some of the yardage in my quilt, Road from Casper.  This quilt was in the Casper, Wyoming art gallery Art 321, during the Eclipse.  How cool was that?!?

Road from Casper

Now, you may be reading this blog, shaking your head, thinking about your struggles with color. You do not share my love affair.  Color and fabric are your enemies, and not your friends. You stick to kits because picking fabric is just painful.

“I ask for help and they say just pick what you like or they throw a color wheel at me, like THAT is supposed to help!”.  I hear you.  And I can help.

First, I have a pattern, Flowers in the Window, which is really a color workshop. It will guide you in how I select fabrics, one step at a time.


Flowers In The Window Workshop pattern. I created these effects with 2-1/2″ squares!

Second, check out my video Color-Courage for the Fabric-Phobic.  In it, I share more tips for selecting color and fabric for quilts.

Color Courage

Third, subscribe to my newsletter and blog.  I have a series coming up that deals EXACTLY with these color issues. You will also be first to know where I am teaching, my latest videos and newest patterns.  Bonus!

Forth, bring me to your town!  Color is one of my key passions and I LOVE to share the tricks I have learned.  When your guild or shop is looking for an encouraging, entertaining and knowledgeable teacher, pick me! Ooooo pick me!

And NOW… the GIVEWAY! Woot! Woot! Two lucky folks will win a copy of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks AND their choice of one of my patterns.  (Head over to my shop to pick which one you want to win!)  To enter, leave a comment or question in the comment section below. Be creative and tell me your thoughts. I will chose two random answers and post the winners on my blog on November 21, 2107.

Thanks!  See you next time!

Jenny Kae

P.S.  What’s your vote, A or B?






100 thoughts on “Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Road Rally! Toot! Toot!

  1. definitly A, scrumptious!!! i would pick flowers in the window, i love it!! maybe you would consider on line classes, i live out of the country but would love to learn some more from you?……………….i love colors and fabric [don’t ask my husband where my stash is……….]and tend to pick them all, and then “stash” them, but in the end, it all gets used!!!!

    • Thanks! Ooo, I LOVE the online class idea! We just moved and my hubby saw, and carried up and down stairs, my entire stash! Gasp! I am working to make it smaller. Where are you located? #leavequiltsnotfabric

  2. Congrats to Angela Short and Lisa in Port Hope! They are the blog hop winners. Yahoo! I sent them emails and their prizes will soon be on the way!
    Thank you to everyone who commented. Y’all have great ideas and thoughts, you made my week! See you soon.

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