The Art of Fabric and Color Selection – Skill One

I know you.  You stress about picking color.  You wander, dazed, around the fabric shop.  And you settle for kits because you never feel like your selections are “just right”.

You, my friend, are not alone.  In fact, this is the most-asked question, (besides binding, everyone asks about binding).

While I think some have an intuitive grasp of all things color, there are practical SKILLS you CAN learn and use on your very next project!

Skill One – Use Registration Marks


Registration Marks

Registration Marks – use them!

Registration marks are part of the manufacturing process.  The dots of the fabric are compared to the same dots on a key to make sure the colors are printing accurately.

Here is how this helps us…every color in the fabric is also in the registration marks!  You can use these marks as a guide to selecting fabric. Think of them are training wheels.

Skill One in action

Here are the registration marks for I Spy Moo!

Registration Marks (2)

Look at all the colors – black, greys, reds, greens, blues and yellows!

I chose to use grey, green, blue and yellow.

I Spy Moo! Returns close-up

Blue, grey, green and yellow worked well with the panel.

Here is the final product.


The registration marks are from the cow border fabric!  Moo!

I still use this skill when I need an exact match or more options.

A couple tips for registration marks.

1. Use the registration marks on a fabric you love.  Choose something which has already caught your eye.

2. You DO NOT need to use every color.  (I skipped on the red and kept it an accent but more on that another time.)

Ready to try it yourself?  Your homework – pick a fabric from your stash use the registration marks to select fabrics.  Don’t panic!  You don’t have to make the project, just practice the skill.  The more you do it, the better, and more confidant, you will become.

Moribana Palette

Post your homework on my Facebook page. I would LOVE that!

Come up with one you want to share?  Post pictures of your collections on my Facebook.  I can’t wait to see what you did!

See you next time!

Jenny Kae



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