About Jenny

Although I had grown up sewing and doing hand-embroidery, I didn’t I start quilting until my 30s. At the time, I was homeschooling my daughters and we were working thru a homemaking curriculum.  One of the upcoming projects was making quilted place mats.  I thought “Good grief, I better try this out so I know what I am doing”.

It fascinated me how the placement of the fabrics and colors made such a huge difference!  I was hooked.  I started quilting and researching in earnest.  And I would share my projects with anyone showing the tiniest whiff of interest.

During this time, I was also a member of Toastmasters, a public speaking club.  We would meet once a week and practice giving speeches, evaluating speeches and impromptu speaking.  I know most people would rather fall over dead than speak in front of an audience, I have always gotten such a thrill from that kind of stuff.

After my daughters finished high school, I took advantage of quilt-related opportunities by working and teaching in a local quilt shop.  Fortune favors the prepared and I was offered an chance to film demos for Daily Craft TV.  Um, Yes please!  Then came the possibility to design quilts for fabric companies.  Again, Yes please!  My career has take off from that point, including more demos, magazine submissions, pattern sales, webinars…very exciting stuff.  Sometimes the deadlines and business details get tiresome, but, I remind myself, “Hey, self, you get to quilt and teach about quilts and design quilts for a living! How cool is that!”  Again, Yes please!

For more about me and all my quilt stuff, check out my website Jenny Kae Quilts


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