Scrappy AND Happy? An Introduction to Scrap Theory

Hubby said it looked like the Muppet’s Christmas Massacre. Continue reading


My Philosophy of the Seam Ripper.

This is me, ripping out stitches, making good use of my stitch redeemer.


This is my philosophy regarding ripping stitches.
1. Rip-worthy mistakes happen to everyone.
2. Ripping is not a punishment, it is a chance to make a fresh start. It is an expression of hope for a better outcome.
3. Only rip when there is no other way OR the mistake will drive you crazy.
4. It is ok to have a little crazy.
5. If you have a huge amount to rip, put in a nice movie and work the muscle of persistance. The road to failure is the path of least persistance.

Wishing you hopeful ripping. 🙂
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